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Land Fitness Tech Co.,Ltd, established in 2006, is a group company listed on stocks market in China. There are three branch companies, which are Maxwell, Burningca UK, and Land fitness and wellness in Beijing. Our core team consists of 18 senior engineers and 75 experienced techs. In 2010, we relocated our operation to a modern workshop that spanned 40,000 square meters. With many years of producing experience, LAND Fitness have developed to be a manufacturer with one of the widest series of products in the industry including traditional equipment for gym and home , smart fitness equipment, sport equipment, and fitness accessories. We believe that, to be successful company, we must be clear about what we can offer to customers, so we strive to orientate ourselves towards supplying the best, the safest, the most comfortable products and total solutions for them. Through our hard work, we hope to be a long-term strategic partner of customers during their business development. Meanwhile, we know that a successful company must be a responsible company, so we require our people not only to focus on our profession but also the professional ethics to measure value of work. We are used to it, also willing to maintain in this way, and doing unremitting efforts for an achievement of flourishing fitness industry.

Introduction of Dynamics Sport Training Machine

The Dynamics Sport Training Machine, also known as the sprint machine, is a high-tech, intelligent training device designed for athletes. Its purpose is to use scientific methods, combined with digitization, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies, to analyze athletes' motion data. By applying algorithms and models to analyze and compare the data, coaches can extract useful information to better manage athletes' speed, strength, and explosiveness during motion. This allows coaches to pinpoint athletes' issues more effectively, thereby improving training efficiency and quality.
This device employs intelligent means to convert digital information into intelligent visualized information. It comprehensively analyzes motion data with high-precision graphic display results, enabling intelligent decision-making akin to carrying a small research institute with you. With the Sprint Machine's assistance, athletes not only have access to fully controllable and variable resistance and assistance but can also undergo comprehensive and accurate analysis of their training at any time.[More]

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